New datasets are available for download

We are glad to announce that new datasets are available on our website which you can download and use for your own research. The data were collected from the ICS RAS buildings in spring and summer 2020.

It is noteworthy that the data were received during COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, so there can be no impact of people in the building. It means that these conditions are perfect for determining time-independent room parameters.

The following data are available for download:

1. Measurements of the Microclimatic State

The dataset contains measurements of the microclimatic state for several rooms in the building of the institute. The data are synchronized with a weather station, which is placed on the roof of the building.

Measured state variables:

  •  air temperature
  •  the concentration of carbon dioxide
  •  relative humidity
  •  illumination

2. Power and Climate Data

The dataset contains power consumption measurements collected from the campus of Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences from 2020, March to 2020, August. The dataset also contains data on temperature, CO2, humidity and light measured by LoRa sensors placed at several rooms of the building.

Each building is powered by three-phase 220/380 V feeders coming from the transformer station. Smart three-phase energy meters Mercury 234-ART were installed at each feeder.

We hope that these datasets will be useful for researchers of energy efficiency and buildings comfort control.

You can explore and download the datasets using this link: