Data Sets


Measurements of the Microclimatic State

May, 2020 – August, 2020

The dataset contains measurements of the microclimatic state for several rooms in the building of the institute. The data are synchronized with a weather station, which is placed on the roof of the building, and grouped by months (spring-summer 2020). It is noteworthy that the data were collected during COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, so there can be no impact of people in the building. These conditions are perfect for determining time-independent room parameters, such as thermal resistance of walls, heat capacity of objects in the room, etc.

Measured state variables:

 – air temperature
 – the concentration of carbon dioxide
 – relative humidity
 – illumination

Download the dataset:

ICS Power and Climate Data

March, 2020 – August, 2020

The dataset contains power consumption measurements collected from the campus of Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences from 2020, March to 2020, August. The dataset also contains data on temperature, CO2, humidity and light measured by LoRa sensors placed at several rooms of the building.

The data were collected from two buildings:

  • Administrative where the headquarters, financial service, human resources and other common services are located. This building also include two conference halls, canteen and lecture rooms.
  • Laboratory building where the research staff is located.

Each building is powered by three-phase 220/380 V feeders coming from the transformer station. Administrative building is powered by 30 feeders and the laboratory building is powered by 22 feeders. Smart three-phase energy meters Mercury 234-ART were installed at each feeder.

The following parameters are measured:

ParameterDataset keyUnits
Active power at phases 1,2,3 P1, P2, P3W
Active power of the sum of the phases PTW
Reactive power at phases 1,2,3 Q1, Q2, Q3VAR
Reactive power of the sum of the phases QTVAR
RMS voltage at phases 1,2,3U1, U2, U3V
RMS current at phases 1,2,3 I1, I2, I3A
Angles between phase voltages Alpha1, Alpha2, Alpha3 Degrees
Frequency of the grid frequencyHz
Total harmonic distortion at phases 1,2,3harmonic1, harmonic2, harmonic3%

Download the dataset:

2020, March
2020, April
2020, May
2020, June
2020, July
2020, August
2020, September

The dataset consists of several archives, each archive contains data for a month. The data are stored in CSV files, each file correspond to a sensor. All files contain timestamps in the first column and the data keys in the other columns. The first line is the header with the data keys. The timestamps are the milliseconds since 1970, Jan 1.

Feeder_brief_description.csv – a brief description of consumers connected to feeders
FeederConsumerRoomPhase.csv – detailed information about rooms and types of consumers connected to feeders

Measurements of the Microclimatic State

September, 2019 – October, 2019

The dataset contains measurements of the microclimatic state of seven lecture rooms and two conference halls in the building of the research institute. The data was collected during the regular operation of the building, in the period from September to October 2019. The lecture rooms are designed for about 30-50 people, conference halls for 200 and 500 people respectively. All rooms are located in the three-storey building with an area of 4000 sq. m., built in 1968, where the administrative services of the Institute and a complex of dining rooms and rooms for public events are located. Institute is located at coordinates 55.651406 s. w., 37.536486 v. d., the climate is humid moderately continental, with a strong influence of the Atlantic Ocean, with a clearly defined seasonality.

The building is equipped with its own air heating and cooling system, the classrooms are additionally equipped with radiators and air conditioners. The sensor network with a central server was deployed using LoRaWAN wireless technology.

Measured state variables:

 – air temperature
 – the concentration of carbon dioxide
 – relative humidity
 – illumination

The potential data slices:

Rooms can be divided into three groups based on the presence of common walls.
Classrooms 9 and 10 have a common vestibule, a common exterior wall, and one common interior wall. Classrooms 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are located along one external wall, have common internal walls with ordinal neighbours and access to one common corridor. conference rooms open into one large hall of the building, the emergency exits of the halls are combined. The scheme of the case is most fully presented in the system developed by the staff of the CEE Center on the basis of the CMDBuild software

We hope that this dataset will be useful for researchers of energy efficiency and buildings comfort control.

Download the dataset:

Electrical Characteristics on Feeders

May, 2019 – November, 2019

The dataset contains summary data on electrical characteristics on feeders supplying two groups (approximately 50 units each) of consumers at the V. A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences RAS.

The list of consumers for both feeders in Russian is contained in the table feeders_load_ru.xlsx, in English – for feeder 6 in the file feeder_load_6_en.csv.

Data is available for the period from May 15, 2019 to November 15, 2019. They are the values ​​of active power, reactive power and voltage across the three phases of each feeder. Each phase supply a subset of the consumers on the feeder. Indicators were measured with Mercury 234 meters: one three-phase meter per 1 feeder.

Thus, for each feeder 9 parameters were measured:

P1 – active power in the first phase, Wt
P2 – active power in the second phase, Wt
P3 – active power in the third phase, Wt
Q1 – reactive power in the first phase, var
Q2 – reactive power in the second phase, var
Q3 – reactive power in the third phase, var
U1 – electrical voltage in the first phase, V
U2 – electrical voltage in the second phase, V
U3 – electrical voltage in the third phase, V

The dataset itself is stored in two folders: “06_Smart Meter 45” and “07_Smart Meter 65” for feeder 6 and 7, respectively. These folders contain 9 csv files containing records of each of the characteristics for this feeder. The first column contains UNIX timestamps, the second – the values ​​of the measured characteristics.

Download the dataset: